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The Sun City Concert Band was organized in 1979 by Clancy Wolf, who also was director of his own Polka Band.  When he formed the Concert Band, there were twenty members of the Polka Band who became the nucleus of the new organization.

Clancy Wolf directed the original group for a few months, followed by five different directors, most prominent of which was Jack Lowman and Lua Syckes.  In September 1988, Jack Lowman determined that he would like to be more active as a playing musician than as Conductor.  Jack introduced Walter Moeck, who had recently moved to the Sun City area, and soon after Walter Moeck became Conductor of the Sun City Concert Band.  Following the tenure of Mr.Moeck, Charles Musgrave, music educator and professional musician with experience in Illinois, St. Louis and Indiana,  took over the baton in 1998 as conductor of the Sun City Concert Band.  Then in 2004, George Zoske, Music Educator and professional musician with experience in Wisconsin and Florida, took the baton  and is the current conductor of the Sun City Concert Band.